Established over 20 years ago, the Cat Orphanage is a  non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers aiming to improve the lives of felines in the north east.  Our work involves taking in stray and abandoned cats for re-homing, as well as educating owners and assisting with the cost of neutering.  We also work to help feral cat colonies in the area through a trap-neuter-release programme.

Below are just a few of the cats and kittens in our care,we are always looking for loving homes, also any donations to help take care of these needy felines are greatly appreciated.

Annie's kittens

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Jul 112014

Annie who is featured on the website separately had a litter of kittens on her own. She had 5 timid babies and there are 2 left. There is one black female and one black male. They are about 8 weeks old. They are very timid and frightened of humans but are slowly coming round. This is because they did not have any human contact when they were born as Annie hid them away somewhere safe and brought them up on her own, poor thing. With the right amount of love and care they will make wonderful pets and the black male is so handsome (he has some tiger stripes in his coat) and the black female is such a pretty little girl. If you have experience of kittens and would like to give one of these cuties a loving permanent home please contact Virginia on tel 01642 556005 for more information.




Annie was abandoned and cruelly left to fend for herself when her owners were evicted earlier this year. Some kind and compassionate people have been taking care of her since. The poor young lady has also recently brought up a litter of kittens close to the garden she has been living in. She was very shy and nervous when she first turned up however since she has been shown love and care she is now much more friendly and adores having her chin rubbed. As you can see she is also such a pretty little cat. If you could give her a permanent and loving home please contact Virginia for more information on 01642 556005.

Jun 122014

These lovely kittens are looking for some kind and caring people to give them a permanent home. The 2 sisters (black one and black and white one) were found on a building site and the ginger boy was rescued from a garden with his mum, Kema. They are all very sweet with beautiful markings and colours. They would make ideal pets. Please contact Virginia for more information on 01642 556005 or 899396.

Jun 092014

These 2 beautiful little female kittens are around 10 weeks old and were rescued from a garden. They are both cute but a little timid with people. However they will both make lovely pets with the right care and attention. If you can give them a forever home, either together or separately, please ring Virginia on 01642 556005 or 899396.

This is the brother of the other ginger kitten on this website, he is looking for a permanent home after being brought up by his young mum (also looking for a home on this website) in a garden. He is so very cute but a little nervous sometimes. Please contact Virginia on 01642 556005 or 899396 if you can give him a loving and permanent home .

This beautiful tabby/tortie female cat is in need of a permanent home. She is friendly and would love to have a kind and considerate owner to take care of her. She is only young but has already been a mum herself (to the ginger kittens also looking for homes on the website). If you would like more details please contact Virginia on 01642 556005 or 899396.

Gorgeous cute, ginger kitten needs his forever home. He is approx. 10 weeks old and a very playful boy although a little timid at times. He is the brother of the other ginger kitten on the website and brought up by his young mum in a garden until he was rescued. If you can give him a loving permanent home, please contact Virginia on 01642 556005 or 899396.

Martha is a very pretty black and white female cat who recently gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens with the help of some very kind people. She is now looking for a permanent home with her last kitten. They have both had a stressful and traumatic time lately and now need some kind and caring people to give them a permanent, secure and loving home that they deserve. They have absolutely wonderful personalities and purr and purr. Please contact Virginia on tel 01642 556005 if you can give them the lovely home they deserve.

This little black and white puss is very quiet and timid she was dumped by her
owners and needs a home with experienced cat owners.  Contact Virginia on 01642 556005 for more information.

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