About us

Established over 20 years ago, The Cat Orphanage is a  non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers aiming to improve the lives of felines in the North East of England.  Our work involves taking in stray and abandoned cats for re-homing, as well as educating owners and assisting with the cost of neutering.  We also work to help feral cat colonies in the area through a trap-neuter-release program.

We have catteries in Billingham and Middlesbrough, always full of cats and kittens in need of loving new homes. The catteries are in our own homes with viewing to suit.

Our Adoption Process

We usually have a good selection of cats and kittens of all ages and colours looking for new homes.  We provide as much background information as possible, and offer help and advice on settling your new cat into your home and essential cat care.  All of our adult cats are neutered, and kittens will be re homed with a voucher to cover the cost of neutering when they reach 5-6 months of age.

In order to give our cats the best chance of settling well into their new home, a home visit will be carried out by one of our volunteers prior to adoption.  A small donation is required at the time of adoption to help cover the cost of neutering.  As our funds are limited, we request that new owners have the cats vaccinated once adopted.

How You Can Help

We are self funded and rely purely on donations. Volunteers are always welcome to help our 500 cats and kittens each year.  Competent home checkers are needed in all areas of Cleveland.

A large part of our work is helping to manage the many colonies of feral cats in the area.  Volunteers are always needed to help trap these cats and transport them to the veterinary surgery where they are health checked and neutered before release.

Where possible the cats are returned to the area where they were found, however in some cases it is necessary for them to be relocated.  Unfortunately these cats are not suitable for re-homing due to their fear of people, and become very stressed if kept in captivity for any length of time.  Therefore we are always looking for suitable sites to release these shy creatures.

A non-profit no-kill charity for cats and kittens serving Teesside